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登録してもよろしいですか? 登録できる作品数は、最大5点までです 作品名のチェック状態を変更してください 削除してもよろしいですか? TOPページにお気に入り登録作品が表示されなくなりますが、 登録した全作品を削除してもよろしいですか?


  • Images are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Products may differ slightly from the images and illustrations shown.
  • Please note that products that have been on the market for some time may no longer be produced or sold.
  • Information on this website, such as product names, release dates, and prices, is subject to change.
  • Product release dates refer to their original release date in Japan. If you are looking for release dates outside Japan, please check with a store in your region.
  • If you cannot find information about the status of a product, please inquire with your local retailer.
  • This website includes Tamashii Web Shop products shipped after July 2012.
    Note that some products sold by TAMASHII NATIONS will not be listed on this website.
  • This site lists previously released products with the new tax rate (10%) that would apply if purchased in stores today.
    Please note that the listed price may differ from the initial release price (which applied the previous tax rate).
  • The price listed reflects the manufacturer's suggested retail price including consumption tax.
  • The price on Tamashii Web Shop reflects the retail price including consumption tax.
  • The "Buy Now" button that appears when a Tamashii Web Shop item is available for purchase is a service that allows you to add the desired item directly to the Premium Bandai cart. It may not function due to Premium Bandai maintenance or your device settings.
  • If Premium Bandai experiences heavy traffic, pages on the website, as well as the "Buy Now" button, may not display properly. If this happens, please try again later.
  • If you are using an iPhone, the "Buy Now" button may not work for you outside of Japan. Turning off "Prevent tracking beyond this site" in your browser settings may remedy the situation.

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