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From the movie "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" comes the long-awaited S.H.Figuarts SON GOHAN BEAST! (Tamashii Web Shop preorders begin February 3, 2023. Released in July.)
This time around, we'll introduce the product development process of the S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball series, using this latest figure as an example! We'll explain the production process of colored prototypes, which are used to confirm the movability and coloring of figures before they are manufactured.

*The images displayed in the article are of colored prototypes. They may differ from the actual product.


First off, let's take a look at the overall production flow for the S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball series—from the planning stage all the way to the figure's release.




The above image summarizes the flow and time frame for the S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball series—from planning to release.

*Please note that the timeframe will vary depending on the product, and that the image should be regarded as an approximation of the process.


As you can see, it takes more than a year from the time our in-house planning staff draws up the plans for when and what products to sell, to the time they actually reach our customers.


Product Planning

During the product planning stage, we ponder such questions as "What kind of facial expression parts should be included?" and "What hand parts and other parts will be needed?"
We consider various points, such as whether the specifications are what our customers actually want, and if the price is suitable to those specs.


When we were creating SON GOHAN BEAST, we had a variety of questions we asked ourselves, such as "Wouldn't the most memorable scene from the movie, the one with the Special Beam Cannon, look better if it were displayed with effects?" and "Wouldn't the fans like it if we included the smirk he gave Cell Max?"


Prototype Production

After final confirmation of the proposed product by the copyright holder and at an in-house meeting, the decision to commercialize the product is made, and the production of a prototype begins in earnest.


In creating the prototype for SON GOHAN BEAST, we paid special attention to the soft parts used for the cothing on his upper body, as a way of differentiating it from previous figures.
We thought that using soft parts would allow us to recreate both the cinematic battle scenes and standing poses in a stylish manner, while still maintaining a full range of motion.
The range of motion was focused on replicating the scene where the Special Beam Cannon is unleashed. By making the incisions follow the creases along the underarms of his outfit, a natural appearance with a wide range of motion was achieved.


From the images below, you can see the evolution made in regards to the appearance and mobility of the upper torso.



Colored Prototype

Once the prototype is completed, a colored prototype is created to simulate the actual product in terms of molding and coloring.


What we focused on for SON GOHAN BEAST this time was to differentiate him from ULTIMATE SON GOHAN SUPER HERO. In terms of modeling, we've recreated the tears in his clothing from the movie. We also wanted to differentiate him in terms of coloring, so we carefully examined scenes from the film.
The presentation of SON GOHAN BEAST in the movie was more impressive than that of ULTIMATE SON GOHAN SUPER HERO because of the brightness of his aura, so we created a colored prototype that recreated this aspect of his appearance.


We really think you'll be able to appreciate the difference in coloring and other aspects by placing him next to ULTIMATE SON GOHAN SUPER HERO.

*As this is a comparison between a production sample and a colored prototype, the surface texture and other details may differ in the finished product.



Such attention to detail isn't limited to just S.H.Figuarts SON GOHAN BEAST—it's packed into each and every one of our products.


We hope you'll discover these particular points about SON GOHAN BEAST yourself when you reenact the scene where the Special Beam Cannon is unleashed!





We hope that you can see how accurately the Special Beam Cannon firing sequence has been reproduced—it looks just like it does in the movie.


We're also introducing a number of other accessories that have been carefully selected to recreate imagery from the film!


First up are the facial expression parts.
In addition to the default expression that comes attached to the figure, 3 more interchangeable faces are included: a yelling face, a face with clenched teeth, and a smirking face. His smirking face is inspired by the expression he gives Cell Max immediately after awakening.



In addition, interchangeable crossed arm parts are also included!



A facial expression from just before his awakening into SON GOHAN BEAST, for use with the separately sold S.H.Figuarts ULTIMATE SON GOHAN SUPER HERO, is also included as a bonus part! Now you can enjoy ULTIMATE SON GOHAN SUPER HERO even more!



One of the key points in the product planning stage is the ability to propose specifications for products that complement other products in the Dragon Ball lineup, as they are all developed as part of the same series.
We hope you continue to collect figures from this series and enjoy the world of Dragon Ball on your own desks!



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©バード・スタジオ/集英社 ©「2022 ドラゴンボール超」製作委員会

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