Interview Articles The Creation of Space/Time -- HI-METAL R Commemorative "Super Dimension Century Orguss" Staff and Cast Messages

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"Super Dimension Century Orguss," which began airing in 1983 as the second installment of the Super Dimension series, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023. To commemorate this event, the HI-METAL R ORGUSS, the first finished figure in a long time, will be released in July. 

To celebrate the release of the HI-METAL R ORGUSS, we asked Sho Hayami, who plays the main character Kei Katsuragi, Kenichi Matsuzaki (series composition), Hiroshi Onogi (screenwriter), Haruhiko Mikimoto (character designer), and Kazutaka Miyatake (mechanical designer) to comment on the product.

Katsura Katsura image

▼ Sho Hayami (Kei Katsuragi Voice Actor)

The concept of "nations fighting against each other in a world full of alien races" is a microcosm for the real world, and it has been depicted in other anime since that time. But "Orguss" portrays this in a stylish manner, while at the same time accurately depicting the tragedy that warfare can create. I feel that it was a work ahead of its time, even when viewed today. I hope that all of you who are now grown up will watch this anime again and play with the HI-METAL R ORGUSS. Conversely, I would also be happy if the HI-METAL R ORGUSS becomes an entry point for those who are going to watch "Orguss" for the first time.


▼ Hiroshi Onogi (Series Storyline Coordinator, Screenwriter)

Studio Nue was confident that its first original work, "Macross," had been a hit, so it wanted to continue with another original production of its own. Kenichi Matsuzaki created the world that would serve as the foundation for the project, and I joined him in creating an overall flow for the project based on that.
Studio Nue had already become a major name in the animation world at that time. I'm glad to have been involved with the project from the planning stage, even if it was just at the edges.

character image

▼ Haruhiko Mikimoto (Character Designer, Animation Director)

At the time, I didn't think I could be a professional artist, but with the help of "Macross" and "Orgus," I'm still able to continue drawing today. Thank you to everyone who watched the anime.
I'm also looking forward to HI-METAL R ORGUSS very much, as toys and other various products have a great impact on the commercial outcome of my work. As I'm not good with mecha, this is a valuable resource for my illustrations more than anything else (laughs).


▼ Kenichi Matsuzaki (Series Composition, Screenwriter)

The project began while "Super Dimension Fortress Macross" was still being broadcast. The concept was that our next project would be a science fiction work with a different approach from "Macross."
It's easier to follow up on popular works, but that's not how Studio Nue or I approached things. To put it another way, we prided ourselves on being original. At worst, you could say that we were twisted. It was a work aimed at the general public, and I ended up doing too much of what I wanted to do, so it didn't gain mainstream popularity (laughs). I think in that aspect, "Orguss" was a work that we learned a lot from. It's heartening to hear that people are still talking about it like this 40 years later.


▼ Kazutaka Miyatake (Mechanical Designer)

The Orguss is not a military mecha, and therefore has a mainly curved design. I had a feeling that we were done with hard and rigid mecha with "Macross," and this led me to the question:
"How could we go about developing a realistic and charming design from another perspective?"
When I get the opportunity to look back on it like this, I wonder if my thought process from 40 years ago is somewhat understood now. Like "Macross," I'm deeply moved by the fact that the series has been able to maintain its popularity throughout the years.
This year is a memorable one for "Orguss," and I hear that there are many other developments in the works in addition to the HI-METAL R release. I'm personally looking forward to those developments as well.

The comments on this page will be published in a longer, expanded format in issue No. 301 of "Figure King," released on February 27, 2023. In addition, "Figure King" No. 301 will also include a special feature on "Super Dimension Century Orguss," showcasing a collection of reference materials, early designs, and a plethora of collectibles from the time the show was broadcast. It clocks in at a whopping 53 pages, so please check it out!

"Figure King" cover image

The package for the HI-METAL R ORGUSS features art by Hidetaka Tenjin on the cover! The finished art will be used for the product's packaging, and the background will be further illustrated.

We hope you're look forward to the HI-METAL R ORGUSS and the 40th anniversary and "Super Dimension Century Orguss," which is getting underway!

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