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Tamashii Blog Tamashii Web Shop order deadline is August 6! Introducing PROPLICA Nichirin Sword (Muichiro Tokito)!

"PROPLICA Nichirin Sword(Muichiro Tokito)" image

The genius swordsman Muichiro Tokito appeared during the Swordsmith Village arc of the popular anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba." Now Muichiro's Nichirin Sword has been recreated as the PROPLICA Nichirin Sword (Muichiro Tokito), available in the Tamashii Web Shop. Orders are accepted until August 6 at 11 PM (JST)!
Now, we'll introduce the item with some new photos!

*The images in this article are of factory samples under development. The actual product may differ.


"PROPLICA Nichirin Sword(Muichiro Tokito)" image

The main body is a completely original model! Muichiro's Nichirin Sword stands out by having thinner blade than those of others, and this has been faithfully reproduced. The engraving features the characters for "Evil Demon Slayer," and the geometric patterns on the hilt have also been reproduced in detail.


"PROPLICA Nichirin Sword(Muichiro Tokito)" image

Take a look at this comparison photo with PROPLICA NICHIRIN SWORD (TANJIRO KAMADO) (sold separately in retail stores) and PROPLICA NICHIRIN SWORD (ZENITSU AGATSUMA) (sold separately, Tamashii Web Shop orders currently closed), and you'll see the differences in the width and length of the blades is apparent. Also, though Muichiro is shorter than both Tanjiro and Zenitsu, his blade is the longest of the three. This has also been faithfully recreated.


Following PROPLICA NICHIRIN SWORD (ZENITSU AGATSUMA), this product has been modeled with luxurious specifications that include both the sword and a sheath that can hold it!

"PROPLICA Nichirin Sword(Muichiro Tokito)" image

The first item in the series, PROPLICA NICHIRIN SWORD (TANJIRO KAMADO), had a possibility of the paint on the blade would being removed when the sword was put in and taken out of the sheath, so we omitted the included sheath and focused on creating an elegant blade, specifications, along with the feature that allows you to enjoy voice clips from the series.


"PROPLICA Nichirin Sword(Muichiro Tokito)" image

With the PROPLICA NICHIRIN SWORD (ZENITSU AGATSUMA), which was released next, we took on the challenge of recreating the product including the sword sheath in order to reproduce Zenitsu's skills that involve drwing his sword. By applying UV coating to the surface of the blade, we were able to verify that the paint on the blade doesn't peel off even when the sword is put in and taken out of the sheath, and now the long-awaited Nichiren Sword and sheath set is now possible.


"PROPLICA Nichirin Sword(Muichiro Tokito)" image

In the PROPLICA Nichirin Sword (Muichiro Tokito), UV coating is applied to the surface of the blade in the same way as with Zenitsu's sword, although we ended up with a UV coating with a matte finish after repeated testing. In the end, we succeeded in reproducing the beautiful colors of Muichiro’s Nichirin Sword with a more realistic luster!


"PROPLICA Nichirin Sword(Muichiro Tokito)" image

The PROPLICA "NICHIRIN SWORD" series continues!
Don't miss this opportunity to see Muichiro's Nichirin Sword, said to be the most beautiful blade yet!

That's all for today's introduction!
PROPLICA Nichirin Sword (Muichiro Tokito) is available for order until August 6t at 11 PM (JST) on the Tamashii Web Shop and ANIPLEX+!

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> ANIPLEX+ PROPLICA Nichirin Sword (Muichiro Tokito) order page

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