Interview Articles "KERORO soul Keroro Robo UC" release commemoration! Interview with Yoshizaki Kannon

On May 25th, in commemoration of the simultaneous publication of the long-awaited `` Sergeant Frog Volume 30'' and the new spin-off ``Super Sergeant Frog UC Fierce Battle!! Keroro Robo Great Battle Volume 1'', Kannon Yoshizaki, the creator of Keroro Sergeant Frog will be released. We asked the teacher to talk about the work and "KERORO Spirits Keroro Robo UC" which will be released on the same day in May. Approaching the Keroro spirit of Yoshizaki SPIRITS!

――The 20th anniversary of Sergeant Frog birth, the first volume of "Super Sergeant Frog UC Fierce Battle!! Keroro Robo Great Battle" will finally be released. I think the setting and world view of the same work are very attractive, but please tell us the highlights.

I asked Mr. Yutaro Shido to draw the characters and the story freely, without being too bound by the original story or the rules. I think the fact that Sergeant Frog has continued for 20 years is also thanks to that kind of looseness. In that looseness, I think that the passion of the people of BANDAI SPIRITS who cooperated in the draft is also included, and it is a work that you can enjoy a fresh and new "Sergeant Frog" full of power.

---Keroro Robo was commercialized and popularized as "Kello plastic" at that time, and it was a huge hit product that exceeded 1 million pieces. How about Keroro Robo UC which is its orthodox evolution version?

It may have been good with plastic model, too. It looks like that (laughs), but it was a plastic model. I remember that the laser mold which was the cutting edge at the time was introduced, and those in charge were also enjoying it very much and developing it. When you look at "KERORO soul Keroro Robo UC", various memories (for 20 years) come to life with the first appearance of Keroro Robo.

--- So what is your impression of actually touching the "KERORO soul Keroro Robot UC"?

Do you say "bandaiism", or "play" anyway? I will include it. Such spirit is stuffed with gugyu again this time. The details and style are very modern and refined, but it can be felt that it is "Keroro Robo" from any view. Oh, sergeant was also drowned in unicorns (laughs). No matter how cool it is, Ehime is bleeding somewhere, I think that such a place is unique.

――The "Tamama Robo UC" in June and the "Garuru Spark Jegama" will be released in July, each with its own unique charm. How do you want users to enjoy?

Nostalgic, cool, cute ... Some memories from the old days tend to become large, but I think that it is a good feeling that UC is addicted to those large memories. I think that if you get your hands, you will have the same feeling as yourself. I hope I can share something like that joy together. I would like you to arrange in series by all means.

-Lastly, please give a message to your fans.

Thanks to you, the original has been serialized for 20 years, and the anime is also celebrating its 15th anniversary since it started broadcasting. Thanks to the people Sergeant Frog item With gratitude, I will continue to work hard on UC, various projects, and the original work. To all the people of Earth (Pokopen), thank you for your continued support!

--Thank you very much!

  • ■ Kadokawa Comics ・ Ace
    "Sergeant Frog" Volume 30

    Author: Yoshizaki Kannon
    Release date: May 25, 2019
    Congratulations ☆ 20th anniversary! The cover is Keroro Robo UC by Mr. Yoshizaki.

  • Kadokawa Comics Ace "Super Sergeant Frog UC Fierce Battle!! Keroro Robo Great Battle" Volume 1

    Cartoon: Yuya Shido Original: Yoshino Kannon
    Planning cooperation: BANDAI SPIRITS
    Release date: May 25, 2019
    Keroro Robo UC's comic is finally on sale!

Product list by brand A high-target Sergeant Frog figure created by TAMASHII NATIONS' accumulated technology over many years and a heart that loves Sergeant Frog and robots = "KERORO soul". A product series that emphasizes play gimmicks unique to robots, with the "magnificence of modeling" woven by cutting-edge CAD technology and the craftsmanship of modeling craftsmen.


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