Interview Articles SHFiguarts Dan Reito release commemoration! Tetsuya Iwanaga Special Interview

SHFiguarts Dan Reito release commemoration! Tetsuya Iwanaga Special Interview

- How was your impression of releasing your own figure?

I'm happy. I do not usually have experience as a figure, so I think it is my first and last opportunity in my life.
Moreover, it was really nice to have renamed them so that two types of "Rinshi no Senba" and "Dan Door Do God" can be taken out (laugh).

- Please tell us the impression of seeing the prototype.

Gem was able to imagine to some extent as there were past items as well. But I did not understand what it would be like this time.
And the completed prototype is from the style to the fingertips, the danoid itself that I always watched on the screen.
You will understand that it is Rinai only with a silhouette. I was not familiar with figures so much, so I saw this and got to know the level of the current figure.

- What you can recognize as your own finger is the point of view that is unique to the model.

No, I have never minded the difference of hands for each character.
But I felt that this hand was selfish, I felt it was not the hand of others.

- How was the selection of facial parts done?

It was decided from the beginning.
I thought that I wanted to avoid suffering a similar expression, but the facial expressions of the chosen emotions were all different, and it was good because none of them were intense faces like 黎 斗.

- It seems to me that the person in charge asked "Please make me feel uncomfortable".

I said (laugh).
There are plenty of good-looking figures, so I wanted you to make it a revolving figure. Therefore, there are only one ordinary face while all the expression parts are complete (laugh).
And I repeated a number of interactions to resemble these expressions.
For example, as for this "easy" face, the camera position at the time of shooting was low, we are making suggestions such as "It is better to lower the position of the black eyes further" and so on. Also, I thought about how to put the wrist on hand.

- What is your favorite expression in particular?

I remember every facial expression and face of what story. It's not a script but a pose that I did without permission (laugh).
Among them is "sorrow".
Combining it with a special wrist makes it a pose of "Please take me out!" I am looking forward to entering the package in that state.

- Although we reproduce two kinds of costumes in products, please let us know if you have memories of costumes.

The parades were the same costume for a year, but I had them change over and over. I changed pants and jackets, and sometimes I coat my coat.
Also in the 30th episode I wore costumes written as "GAME MASTER" and I think that I had the most fashionable in the regulars.
And in the V Cinema I have changed my clothes five times by wearing pink shirts and dressed as a butler. I think that the costume was serious.

- How about the two costumes chosen for this commercialization?

I heard that this gray jacket often wore the president. I remember the time when I was tenderly in touch with Ei Yume (laugh).
And as costume became a bad person, costume gradually became black. It became black at the final round of the V Cinema (laugh).
I decided to consult with costumes about such clothes for shooting. During the wait time I talked while watching the materials in the bus.


- In addition to figures, "God's resurrection pedestal" is also attached to "Dan Rikoto God ~ God's joy and anger ~".

This is good. Because it is CG, I shot with drums at the work site, and later erased the drum cans with CG.
It is good to be able to use it for gem.
I think this is the item you have been waiting for.

――Do you have any toys related to KAMEN RIDER EX-AID?

I got a lot of gender relations. Especially I like SHfiguarts' genre level 2 and I really like the shiny glossy feeling.
The sharp part of the head is also well made, and the mechanical feel unique to the action figure is also cool.

- Please tell us your impressions compared to real gems.

I was watching the real thing at close range for one year, so I thought that goodness could not be reproduced. But it is better than the real thing.
I think that figures with large size are easy to incorporate, but it is amazing that this size is made without breaking hands.
Also amazed by the movement of limbs. It is amazing to be able to move while a suit actor is not in it.
It was also uncomfortable, I was deeply moved by the human movement.

- What level do you particularly like among the many genes? Were they changing acting at every level up?

My favorite thing is zombie gamers.
After that, it returns to the black gaming as level 0, but I changed the way to talk with the previous level 2.
I was weak during battle because the opponent was weak when I was in level 2, but when I was at level 0 I was talking a lot with the anger to Parado.
Mr. Yuya Noda of the suit actor was also playing angry and such a play was interesting because it was not in level 2 era.

- What kind of arrangements will be made with Mr. Noda who plays gym after transformation?

I will talk about "How do you say this line"? This meeting was a fun time for me (laugh).
I am a living being, so I can play with expressions, but suits actor expresses emotions by movement, and it also separates acting level by level. I thought that was wonderful.

- The transformation poses were also changed for each level.

At first I thought about differentiation from other riders and tried devising how to hold Gashat.
After adopting the level X, I adopted the pose of zombies and made it conscious of divineness after becoming "god".

- When you turn into a zombie gamer, you heard that you are taking a zombie pose as well. Although it is hidden by CG on the actual screen.

I could not figure out where the CG would be stuck during shooting. As for level 2 's transformation "something goes around, please press it" did not come with pins at the beginning.
However, after understanding the image, I started to change the pose depending on the camera position.
In addition, I wanted to do something new in V Cinema, so I let you do the transformation that floats in the sky naked.

- Was it a full-naked transformation Iwanaga's own idea?

I wrote it because the script "Noda no Roto" was written in the script.
The staff at the site prepared "front paste", and I thought that it would be no problem if I took it from the butt.
I got the crotch to hit the light properly (laugh).
However, Yuya Takahashi, the script, seems to have imaged the upper half body like the 22nd episode.
The upper body naked is also called "naked body", is not it? I was completely misunderstood (laugh).

- Please message to the fans who are looking forward to the release at the end.

It is a recommended figure from God. It is perfection degree enough to allow idolatry.
If you put it at home as a body, you will be amulet, and if your faith is thick it may move in the middle of the night.

- No, I do not think that's it (laugh).

Many people continue to cheer even one year later, so I am looking forward to their reactions.
I think it is unusual to have a figure that will let you do strange things.
Please let the person who bought various play and upload it to SNS and tell me. I would like to open a photo contest if possible.

Cooperation in coverage: Figure King's editorial department (World Photo Press)

Tetsuya Iwanaga (Iwanaga · Tatsuya)


Tetsuya Iwanaga(Iwanaga Totsuya)
Born October 16, 1986, he is from Nagasaki Prefecture. Repro Entertainment affiliation.
Since July 2009, she has been working as an exclusive model for "Men's Nonno". In December 2012, he participated in "ONE PIECE FILM Z" as a voice actor, and made his first drama appearance in "KAMEN RIDER EX-AID". In addition, he has many qualifications such as a certified pharmacist, and is also a member of "JAPAN MENSA", an organization of IQ owners with the top 2% of the world's population, so he also appears on a quiz show. In March of this year, he released his first photo book "Messenger". At the fan event, goods of the character "Aurora-chan" designed by himself are also on sale.

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