Campaign [JAPAN] "Dream Together with Fans!!" Present Campaign

Congratulations! "Japan Toy Award 2023" High Target Toy Category <Grand Prize> Winner!
To commemorate the release of “CHOGOKIN RZ-041 LIGER ZERO”, we are holding a “Dream Together with Fans!!” giveaway campaign!
Let's create a dream together! Let's tweet what to expect from the collaboration project with the hashtag "#DreamTogetherCP"! !
50 people will be given a luxurious collaboration project product by lottery!

"Dream Together with Fans!!" Gift campaign image

■ Application acceptance period

June 8, 2023 (Thursday) to July 18, 2023 (Tuesday)

■ Flow of application

① Follow the Twitter account “@t_features”.
2) Post your expectations for the collaboration project on Twitter with the hashtag “#DreamTogetherCP”.
3. 50 people will be selected by lottery from those who applied to receive a luxurious collaboration project product! (shipped at a later date)

■ Winning prize

"Dream Together with Fans!!" Gift campaign image


・Tomica x Mobile Suit Gundam 7 types set
Delivered as a set

10 people


"Dream Together with Fans!!" Gift campaign image



5 people


"Dream Together with Fans!!" Gift campaign image

<Tomica x Mobile Suit Gundam Award>

・Tomica x Mobile Suit Gundam 7 types set

35 people


■ Notes on application

* If you do not follow the designated official Twitter (@t_features) at the time of the lottery after the application period deadline, you will not be eligible to apply.
*Tweets that do not have a campaign hashtag or have a content that differs from the specified content will not be eligible for application.
*Winners will be contacted via DM on Twitter and will be asked to enter their shipping address information in the designated personal information entry Form.
*If shipping information is not provided via DM by the designated date, or you cannot be contacted for shipping, the selection may be invalidated.
*The personal information of the winners acquired by BANDAI SPRITS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) will be used for the purpose of sending prizes and inquiring about the winners.
*Our company manages the personal information of customers acquired through this campaign based on the "Policies regarding the handling of personal information and specific personal information, etc." separately established by our company.
*Prizes can only be shipped within Japan.
* The target age of the prize products is ages 15 and up and over.


[Notes on applying by tweeting]

*Our company does not accept ideas (plans/suggestions) from customers. Also, please note that the content you submit will belong to us.
* Requests for commercialization in applying for this campaign will be used as a reference for future product development, but we do not promise commercialization.
* For product inquiries, please contact the BANDAI SPIRITS Customer Service Center.
*If we judge that the posted content corresponds to any of the following items, we will not be selected.
・In cases where the content includes or may infringe copyrights, trademarks, privacy rights, portrait rights, honors, etc. of third party rights.
・When it contains false content that is contrary to the facts.
-In cases where it contains information relating to the privacy of others and information that can identify an individual such as the name, email address, address, or telephone number of another person.
・Including advertisement/promotion, sales activities, public office campaigns, specific ideas, solicitation to religion, or similar contents.
・When including pornographic novels/photos, solicitation for sexual relations, and other obscene content.
-Including cases that significantly promote violence, cruelty, or crime in children and adolescents and impede their sound development.
・When inappropriate expressions such as slander, complaints, discrimination, or aversion to a specific corporation/organization, region, or individual are included.
-When it contains grotesque content.
・Including cases where there is a content that is or may be against laws and public order and morals.
・In addition, we have determined that the content and expressions are inappropriate when operating this campaign.


A touch & try event will also be held at the dealer!

To commemorate the release of "CHOGOKIN RZ-041 LIGER ZERO", a product trial session will be held at the following retailers for two days, June 17th (Saturday) and June 18th (Sunday), 2023. Masu!

"Dream Together with Fans!!" Gift campaign image

"CHOGOKIN RZ-041 LIGER ZERO" was designed by combining the history and technology of CHOGOKIN. Please pick it up and experience its specifications!


■ Implementation store


Store nameStreet address
ヨドバシカメラ マルチメディアAkiba 6F, 1-1 Kanda Hanaokacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0028
Yamada Denki LABI1 LIFE SELECT Ikebukuro 6F, 1-5-7 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013
Yellow Submarine Akihabara Main Store ★Mint Radio Hall 6F, 1-15-16 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Bic Bic Camera Chiba Station Store 〒260-0015 Chiba Prefecture, Chiba City, Chuo Ward, Fujimi 2-chome 1-1 Mines Chiba Building A 6F
Yellow Submarine Utsunomiya Utsunomiya Festa 2F, 2-5 Magashicho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture 320-0803
TAMASHII NATIONS STORE TOKYO 1-1 Kanda Hanaoka-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0028


Store nameStreet address
Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda 5F, 1-1 Ofukacho, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 530-0011
EDION Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi 600-8001 Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo Ward Mamachi 68 B1F
EDION Namba Main Store 〒542-0076 7F, 3-2-18 Namba, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
EDION Hiroshima Main Store 2-1-18 7F, Kamiyacho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0031
Yellow Submarine Utsunomiya Utsunomiya Festa 2F, 2-5 Magashicho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture 320-0803
Joshin Koriyama 693-1 Yokotacho, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture 639-1115

* Please check the implementation status at each store.
* Stores and contents are subject to change without notice.
* Please participate according to the staff's guidance during the event.
※ When congestion has a case where I am allowed to provide a time limit. Please join if there squirrel.
*The target age of the product is 15 years or older.


■Participating novelty: “CHOGOKIN RZ-041 LIGER ZERO” package art card (2 types in total)

We plan to distribute a limited number of novelties to those who participate in the event.
It will be distributed only at the store where this event is held, so don't miss it!

"Dream Together with Fans!!" Gift campaign image

[Distribution conditions]
Design 1: A gift for those who participated in the trial session.
Design 2: After participating in the experience event, tweet your impressions of the event with "# CHOGOKIN Liger Zero Experience Event",
A present for those who showed the screen to the experience meeting staff.

* It will end as soon as it is lost.


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