Campaign [TAMASHII NATION 2022] Follow & Hashtag Posting Present Campaign

2022年11月18日(金)~20日(日)、3年ぶりのリアル開催となる『TAMASHII NATION 2022』をご来場の皆様と一緒に盛り上げるべく、プレゼントキャンペーンを実施!


■ Application acceptance period

2022年11月18日(金)10:00 ~ 11月20日(日)23:59


【STEP 1】
Twitterで、キャンペーン対象アカウント(@ t_ features) Follow us.

【STEP 2】
ベルサール秋葉原で開催のイベント『TAMASHII NATION 2022』(入場無料)へご来場いただき、展示されているフィギュアを撮影する

【STEP 3】





・B1 マクロス …… #魂ネイション2022_マクロス
・1F ガンダム …… #魂ネイション2022_ガンダム
・2F その他ロボット …… #魂ネイション2022_ロボット
・2F 超合金 …… #魂ネイション2022_超合金 TAMASHII NATION 2022


・1F ウルトラマン …… #魂ネイション2022_ウルトラマン
・1F 仮面ライダー …… #魂ネイション2022_仮面ライダー
・1F スーパー戦隊 …… #魂ネイション2022_スーパー戦隊
・2F モンスター、洋画系 …… #魂ネイション2022_LIVE_ACTION TAMASHII NATION 2022


・2F ジャンプキャラクター …… #魂ネイション2022_ジャンプキャラクター
・2F その他アニメキャラ …… #魂ネイション2022_アニメキャラ
・2F ゲームキャラクター …… #魂ネイション2022_ゲームキャラ TAMASHII NATION 2022


・1F T.M.Revolution …… #魂ネイション2022_TMR
・1F アイドルマスター …… #魂ネイション2022_アイマス
・2F Digi-Fig …… #魂ネイション2022_digi_fig
・2F その他 …… #魂ネイション2022_other TAMASHII NATION 2022


*At the time of the lottery after the application period deadline, the designated official Twitter (@ t_ featuresIf you do not follow ), you will not be applied.
*Tweets that do not have a campaign hashtag or have a content that differs from the specified content will not be eligible for application.
* Winners will be asked to contact us via Twitter DM and enter the shipping address information of the prize in the designated personal information input Form.
*If you do not enter the shipping information in the DM by the designated date, or if you cannot contact us for shipping, the winning may be invalidated.
*The personal information of the winners acquired by BANDAI SPRITS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) will be used for the purpose of sending prizes and inquiring about the winners.
*Free gifts can only be shipped within Japan.
* The target age of the prize products is ages 15 and up and over.

*Our company does not accept ideas (plans/suggestions) from customers. Also, please note that the content you submit will belong to us.
* Requests for commercialization in applying for this campaign will be used as a reference for future product development, but we do not promise commercialization.
※商品に関するお問い合わせは、BANDAI SPIRITSお客様相談センターまでご連絡ください。
*If we judge that the posted content corresponds to any of the following items, we will not be selected.
・In cases where the content includes or may infringe copyrights, trademarks, privacy rights, portrait rights, honors, etc. of third party rights.
・When it contains false content that is contrary to the facts.
-In cases where it contains information relating to the privacy of others and information that can identify an individual such as the name, email address, address, or telephone number of another person.
・Including advertisement/promotion, sales activities, public office campaigns, specific ideas, solicitation to religion, or similar contents.
・When including pornographic novels/photos, solicitation for sexual relations, and other obscene content.
-Including cases that significantly promote violence, cruelty, or crime in children and adolescents and impede their sound development.
・When inappropriate expressions such as slander, complaints, discrimination, or aversion to a specific corporation/organization, region, or individual are included.
-When it contains grotesque content.
・Including cases where there is a content that is or may be against laws and public order and morals.
・In addition, we have determined that the content and expressions are inappropriate when operating this campaign.


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    Note that some products sold by TAMASHII NATIONS will not be listed on this website.
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