Event I landed at a festival of figures Matsumoto! "Soul caravan in Matsumoto PARCO" held on Saturday, April 21!

"Festival of Bandai Figures" where a large number of popular characters are gathered, "Soul Caravan" is decided to be held at "Matsumoto Parco" in "Koshinetsu Region First"!

■ Outline(free entrance)

At PARCO Matsumoto Co., Ltd., from April 21st (Sat) to May 6th (Sun), 2018, under the supervision of BANDAI SPIRITS Collectors Division, TAMASHII NATIONS store event "Tamashii Caravan in Matsumoto" "PARCO" will be held.
As the first soul caravan in the Koushin'etsu district, in addition to exhibitions of numerous popular content figures, sales of event limited items are also decided within the hall. It is a special event that you can enjoy light figure animation and special effects fans from figure fan.

· Title: Soul Caravan in Matsumoto PARCO
· Session Period: Saturday, April 21, Sunday, May 6, 2010, Sunday, May 6, 10: 00-21: 00 (The last day is closed at 18:00)
· Venue: Parco Matsumoto 1F · 2F · 3F Matsumoto City Central Nagano Prefecture 1-10-30
Merchant venue ... 1F Special venue / exhibition hall ... 1F · 2F · 3F special venue
· Admission: Free

※ There are cases where you will be restricted from admission when crowded.
* We will refuse admission for guests under the age of 14 who are not accompanied by a guardian.
*Event sponsors and venue cannot be held accountable for any accidents, thefts, or similar incidents that occur on or off the event premises.
*This event and all products carried by this event are for ages 15+.

※ The image is at the time of holding another venue. The content of the event will be different.


■ Exhibit contents

Inside the exhibition, besides the popular classic figures of each content, new items of great attention are also exhibited.
In addition, "event-limited products" will be sold at the venue. In addition, a large number of products are on sale at the venue !! A wide variety of item from the collection that fans must see are also available.

Mobile Warrior Gundam Series, KAMEN RIDER Series, Saint Seiya Series, DRAGON BALL Series, Mazinger Z, Ultraman Series, One Piece Series, STAR WARS Series, Sailor Moon, Digimon Series, etc.


ver. A.N.I.M.E.~ Clear spec ~

Price: 4,860 yen(tax included)
※ Sales will only be in the venue.
※ It is undecided on score restrictions and distribution of tickets. We will inform Matsumoto PARCO HP as soon as we are decided.
※ There is a possibility to sell at other events. Once the future sales have been decided, we will guide you through the TAMASHII WEB.


> Matsumoto PARCO Official HP "Soul caravan in Matsumoto PARCO" Information page is here


© Bird Studio / Shueisha · Toei Animation
© Masami Kurumada / "SAINT SEIYA Golden Soul" Production Committee
©&™ Lucasfilm Ltd.


The advantageous membership service "CLUB TAMASHII MEMBERS" is also fully linked with the soul caravan!

Earn miles by shopping at PREMIUM BANDAI Tamashii web shop, checking in at the AKIBA Showroom and participating events,It is a service that can receive various preferential treatment for presents and events including coupons according to the stage.
<Click here for details and new member registration! https://club.tamashii.jp/>

Please do not register your membership in advance, please come to the venue.
Customers who wish for various services, please contact the staff at the counter.

◎ 25 mile gift at check-in at the soul caravan venue!(Up to once per person during the period)
* Mileage will be reflected after the end of the exhibition. Please note.
* Even if you check in several times, the reflection will be only one serving (25 miles) per person.

◎ Pass the "Membership Card for WHITE Stage" to the customer who wants it!(Up to 1 piece per person)



Here is a sample photo of the product "ROBOT SPIRITS < SIDE MS > RX-78-2 GUNDAM ver. A.N.I.M.E. ~ Clear Peck ~", an event limited product!!

One point metallic coloring and real type marking are given, and accent is attached to the clear parts.

Of course, the height of the action is the same as in the regular version.

※ "TAMASHII STAGE" in the image is sold separately.

We devised writing and also display with a fantastic image.
Please try looking for ways to enjoy clear unique specs.




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