column Until a super evolution spirit can be made !! 【The soul which was partly painted and painted in the package! 】

A completely deformed figure "Super Evolutionary Soul" that reproduces Digimon 's "Super Evolution" with the latest modified toy technology.

The first bullet "Super Evolution Soul 01 War Greymon" development report is finally in the morning. In this time, we will introduce not only the information about the body such as coloring, but also the commitment to essential elements as a package such as package, and also the "next" movement starting in parallel!

> "Start of the first part, planning, and commitment to modeling" is here
◎ Attention to coloring

When the shape confirmation by the test molded product is carried out, the detail of the coloring will be stuffed for the next production.

Color samples arrived from the factory first. The color sample was created based on a paint sample called Decoration Master (Decomass), which is used to confirm the molding color and painting.
Of course not only mistakes of painting separately but also instructing to correct subtle color adjustment at this point. A careful check work continuing directly connected with high quality finish continues.

The decoration master (image left) and the factory color sample (image right) are arranged, and a correction instruction to check the difference is created.

◎ Eyes are life!

The big eyes of Agumon and the grin eyes of WarGreymon are important places where the character's soul lives.
In order to reproduce Agurumonashi and WarGraimon's firmness firmly, color gloss and printing accuracy are verified.

◎ Honki package as well!

Even if the figure body is completed, the development will not end yet!
The product requires a package to pack it. It is an element that determines the image of the entire series, and it is something that users directly pick up as a collection item, and I do not want to compromise on the packaging !!
From that feeling, "Super Evolutionary Soul" is filled with an extraordinary passion of staff in package design.

▲ The first thing that was examined is the pattern that made the main product photo. In this example, we assume a window package whose side is cut out and the contents are visible.

▲ Another idea was presented as an illustration arranged on the front.
Product picture is on the back. It can be said to be a pattern that extruded character character.
The designer said that there was a proposal with this illustration. The quality also shows the degree of honky.

▲ Usually, package design plans are often examined from several patterns. However, the package plan of this work says that there is also a launch of a new brand, and there were close to 15 plans ... ...!

▲ This is the package completed. A premium finish that pushed down drawing illustrations by Mr. Kenji Watanabe to the whole surface, the part of "DIECAST" on the upper left is foil-pushed.
2nd bullet · The height of the box is unified so that it can be arranged side by side with metal garurumon and shelf.

◎ completion, and finally release!

And finally completed!

This ultimate Digimon transformable toy started with a proposal proposal based on one sketch.
At the end of November 18th (Saturday), WarGreymon will be released as the first volume. I'd like you to feel the uncompromising quality and certain "evolution" with that hand.

◎ extra: development is also full swing successively!

"Super Evolutionary Soul" is a series with a grand ambition to not only 8 partner Digimon but also popular Digimon from various series.
The second line is "Metal Garurumon", the third line has been decided a lineup with the announcement of "Diabolomon" that has never been commercialized in the past. We will also introduce those development images.

Check out future information!

▲ The first 3D data was quite small compared to Agumon. However, from the fact that we want to align the sense of size during the growth period, adjustment of volume feeling is instructed.

▽ Correction plan by Mr. Kenji Watanabe written in Keramon's output chart.

Censure: Koji Shimada (TARKUS)

▼ Super Evolution Soul 03 Diabolomon Special Movie

▼ Super Evolution Soul Special Movie

▼ Until a super evolution soul can be made !! 【The beginning of the first part, planning, and commitment to modeling! 】

▼ In the feature page of Figure King No.236, Digimon "Super Evolutionary Soul" The latest information is on sale !!

▼ Target Nishizawa's "Super Evolutionary Soul" protruding information, the first time is here!

▼ "Super Evolution Soul" commercialization memorial special talk !! is here!

▼ "Super evolution spirit" special site is here!

Digivolving Spirits

Picked to children once they were chosen -. In the early 2000s, pursuing the concept of reproducing the "evolution" of the monumental figure of the deformed figures, "Digimon Super Evolution Series (Digivolving Series)", which was a huge hit worldwide in "deformation" to the limit. Expressing "pretty" before evolution, "coolness" after evolution "goodness of proportion" with the latest technology and sharp modeling.
Partly die casting and plating are also used, and stereoscopically sticking to the texture of the material. It is this "super evolution spirit" series that aims at the ultimate adult Digimon modified figure.



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