column Target Nishizawa's "Super Evolution Soul" Extrusion Information Part 2: "Diabolomon" Test Shot & Next is Volume of Enjoumon!

Digimon fans, Hello! Target is Nishizawa!
From 11/1 (Wednesday) "Super Evolution Soul 03 Diabolomon" reservation reception has started! Today, I would like to check the test shot, color sample from that Diabolomon factory.

When it comes together, it is a very good feeling!

■ "Super Evolution Soul 03 Diabolomon" Test Shot, Colored Samples First Published!

It is a test shot of Diabolomon which becomes the world first public release!
↓ ↓ ↓ Dodon!

Apart from the face, chest parts, hip joints, we use die casting considerably to raise the holding power of the arm ...! And the example watch is die-cast specification (due to coloring, only the surface will be made of ABS ...!)! Please take it in your hand and touch it! In addition, the pedestal is included this time! Because the astringency of the joint with Diabolomon alone is also being adjusted, the pose can be attached firmly, but if you want to decorate for a long time, please use this pedestal.

Continue ↓ ↓ ↓, Don! !

It is a colored sample from the factory! We are going to be in parallel at the same time, such as fine adjustment of color taste, adjustment of texture, adjustment of molds, etc. While it is the stage of increasing the quality, it is nearly near the final shape. The metallic green part of the chest is doing final adjustment to become "clear parts + clear green painting + silver metallic paint from the back"! Although there are conveniences of deformation, the range of movement of the arms and legs is not defeated to other action figures!

↓ ↓ ↓ Furthermore! ! !

S.H.Figuarts OMEGAMON smashed together with "Our Wargame!" Super Evolution Soul Series, overall it is larger than the normal S.H.Figuarts series (size feeling close to the old Super Evolution series), so it is larger than the S.H.Figuarts OMEGAMON Even if it is lined up with, it is a perfect size feeling. I just want to recreate the OMEGAMON vs Diabolomon scene from the climax of Our Wargame!.

■ Watanabe Kenji's "Diabolomon" illustration rough released to the public!

Package design, one of the process of enjoying and crawling every time in product planning and development! Diabolomon also draws illustrations by Keiji Watanabe who is the Digimon main designer! This time, along with the current package design, that illustration rough was put in, secretly released ......! Because WarGreymon and Metal Garurumon were illustrations pointing to the left, depending on how they are placed, it is also a composition of commitment that also becomes a showdown composition.

Also, as shown in this picture, the metal garurumon package has already been almost completed! Besides illustration and texture, I will show you the points I want you to check if you get it!

① The next bullet trailer is in the lower right of the back! Do not miss it!
② If you open the package from the bottom side, a picture of the next bullet item is added ...!

In addition, I stick to details, so when you take it in hand, please take a look! ! !

■ The first WarGreymon will be released on Saturday, November 18!

Finally, the release of "Super Evolution Soul 01 War Greymon" has come closer. Prior to launch, let's have everyone review! We are also looking for a project called! Because the deadline is "11/6 (Monday)", those who have YouTube channel and blog etc, please join us if you are interested! I am still wanting more!

In addition, in the near future, I will review the project from the start of planning the "Super Evolution Soul" series to the first release of War Greymon and plan to make a review plan dreaming of the future!

■ The real thing is also exhibited!

The super evolution soul series will also be exhibited at the world tour held from Wednesday, November 1, Barcelona, Spain! In addition, in Japan, it is on display at Tamashii Nation corner of Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba in Akihabara from Wednesday, November 1st. If you're in the area, please check out the real thing! In addition, we will be exhibiting each company's Digimon item at "MegaHobby EXPO 2017 Autumn" to be held on Saturday, November 25th!
And at "TAMASHII NATION 2017" (scheduled to be held from December 1st (Friday) to 3rd (Sunday)) to commemorate the 10th anniversary of TAMASHII NATIONS, we are planning to exhibit with a "monster booth". Please come by all means!


TAMASHII NATIONS WORLD TOUR “BARCELONA” will be held in Spain from November 1st (Wednesday) to 5th (Sunday)!

WarGreymon, Metal Garurumon, and Diabolomon are also on display at Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba!

■ And the 4th ... ... Enjoumon commercialization decision!

Everyone, have you seen Diabolomon's promotional video ...? It was also announced at the end of the PV at the flyer & special site, but the 4th bullet was decided as engeuromon! It is like this when it is aligned with the enememon of the past super evolution series.


In some cases I will exhibit it at the mega hobi EXPO and take a commemorative photo with the GEM Series Digimon Adventure Brothers Set scheduled to be shipped from Megahouse in March, 2018! (Click here for details:! ! !
I would be happy if you can add your super evolution soul series to your Digimon Figure collection.

...... That's why the "Super Evolution Soul" series, it is still before the release, but I would like to continue to do my best in the future! "Our War Game! Although it is not, thank you very much for your support of the fans (such as the name of the appointment).

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Digivolving Spirits

Picked to children once they were chosen -. In the early 2000s, pursuing the concept of reproducing the "evolution" of the monumental figure of the deformed figures, "Digimon Super Evolution Series (Digivolving Series)", which was a huge hit worldwide in "deformation" to the limit. Expressing "pretty" before evolution, "coolness" after evolution "goodness of proportion" with the latest technology and sharp modeling.
Partly die casting and plating are also used, and stereoscopically sticking to the texture of the material. It is this "super evolution spirit" series that aims at the ultimate adult Digimon modified figure.


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