※「サイドショー社」と「TAMASHII NATIONS」との

This product is a collaboration product of
Sideshow Collectibles and Tamashii Nations.


This product is a Chogokin, one of Bandai’s most respected international brands.The series is known for its abundant use of diecast metal,which gives its products a weightand a sense of presence unparalleled by other series.


全世界に衝撃を与えた「STAR WARS:EPISODE IV A NEW HOPE」。エピソードごとに細部の造形の異なるC-3POの中から今回は本作品に登場したバージョンをセレクト。日本のSTAR WARS研究の第一人者、高橋清二氏の完全監修のもと、各所のディテールを徹底的に検証。「可動させる為のアクションフィギュア的アプローチ」を敢えて一切行わず、完全再現を目指した。どこを切り取っても映像作品のまま。超合金の魅力に、スケールモデルの再現度を併せ持ったモデルである。

STAR WARS:EPISODE IV A NEW HOPE rocked the world when it was released.We have selected the Episode IV appearance of C-3PO from among the many variations that appeared throughout the series. Each and every detail has been thoroughly verified by Seiji Takahashi, Japan’s foremost Star Wars scholar.No details were spared to replicate the character with perfect accuracy in the form of a posable action figure.A perfect representation of the on-screen character from every angle, the Chogokin C-3PO represents a fusion of the Chogokin ethos with the precision of a scale model.



Elbows feature working cylinders. A world first for the 12 inch figure scale.The stomach detailing utilizes actual wires: another world first.Knee-backs with asymmetrical detailing: yet another world first.


映像作品中のC-3POを細部まで徹底的に検証した結果、左右非対称なディテールはもちろん、へこみや歪み、EPISODE IVで登場した際の、左右の脛の色の違いに至るまで正確に立体化。両目はLEDにより発光する。さらに手に持たせることが可能なコムリンク、マグネットによる着脱が可能なドロイド・コントロール・ボルトが付属する。

The chest features accurate detail down to the tiniest bumps and dents.The legs are asymmetrically designed, even down to the differing colors seen in Episode IV.The removable droid control bolt attaches magnetically, and the comlink can be held in C-3PO’s hand.