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Tamashii Blog [Part 1: GaoMachine & GaoFar] It's confirmed: the new King of Braves is coming! Preorders begin February 9! A prototype review of the SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-104 GAOFIGHGAR!


Let's talk about the latest information on SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-104 GAOFIGHGAR!

From "The King of Braves GAOGAIGAR FINAL", which is a sequel to the TV anime "The King of The King of Braves GAOGAIGAR", GaoGaiGar's successor, GAOFIGHGAR, is the long-awaited SOUL OF CHOGOKIN. With a body that is almost completely new, the complete transformation from Phantom Gao to Gaoffer, and the Final Fusion sequence are fully reproduced. In this blog article [Part 1], we will introduce the specifications before combining, such as the actions of each Gao Machine ~ GaoFarr, with prototypes!



Static mechanism

Nice to meet you! Mega Fusion for those who haven't seen it in a while!
I'm Shizu-Mecha, a toy writer and photographer. My favorite robot in the universe is still King J-Der.



"SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-104 GAOFIGHGAR" which has been decided to be commercialized. I think that this announcement banner was also released on TAMASHII WEB, but on this blogAll cuts taken by me who likes the original too much x before and afterWe would like to introduce to you.
In the second part, I will explain the points that have been continued and improved from SOUL OF CHOGOKIN" GX-68 GAOGAIGAR", and also the compatibility of "GX-69 Goldymarg", so please read the following review as well.






*The article discusses "GX-69R [Ultimate King of Braves Ver.] (Tamashii Web Shop /Order Closed)", but the shape and compatibility with "GX-104 GAOFIGHGAR" are the same as the GX-69 currently on sale in stores.


* The images displayed in the article are of prototypes. They may differ from the actual finished product.
*Due to the nature of the article, some explanations have been simplified, and some of the images don't contain all of the parts. Please refer to the instruction manual included with the actual product.
*Click or tap the image to display an enlarged pop-up.


■ Phantom Gao

Phantom Gao

A new Gao machine that was developed to replace Galleon, who left for space, and fused with Guy who became Evoluder! The coloring unique to GAOFIGHGAR, which has a low saturation and an atmosphere like a real weapon, is basically reproduced with the molding color.


The canopy part that Guy fuses can be opened and closed. The landing gear on the back of Gaoffer's knee is movable and can land as set.


■ Drill Gao II

Gao machine that becomes both legs when GAOFIGHGAR is combined. The setting of "Heaviest Gao Machine" is alive and well even in SOUL OF CHOGOKIN! It has been three-dimensionalized as a heavy-duty machine with plenty of die-casting. It becomes "II" and a mold is added to the fuselage surface, giving it a more mechanical impression. The track can be rotated, and the part corresponding to the wheel and the injection port are also precisely modeled.


Drill Gao II

Everyone loves (isn't it!?) The drill is equipped with a new gimmick! The 4-stage drill has an advanced design thatA structure that rotates in reverse alternately one step at a timeIt is becoming.


■ Stealth Gao III

Stealth Gao III

Stealth Gao III

Stealth Gao III has a built-in helm that composes GaoFighGar's rear wings and forearms! Stealth Gao was refurbished to "II (2)" in the Pure Breed War, so in "FINAL" only this Gao Machine is numbered "III (3)". "GaoGaiGar" hits the fan's nerves with this kind of detailed setting.


Stealth Gao III, which has evolved from the super voluminous Stealth Gao II to a smart shape, has been sharply three-dimensionalized. As with Drill Gao II, the red part is painted with a metallic texture.


Stealth Gao III

Successive Stealth Gao in the GaoMachine "Interesting hidden internal mechanics"It is also a machine that will fascinate you. The Stealth Gao III also opens and closes the thrusters and the Ultech engine built-in parts on both ends, and the internal mechanics that can be seen through the gaps are precisely three-dimensionalized. In particular, both ends have built-in springs that give a pleasant tactile response each time it is opened and closed.


■ Liner Gao II

Liner Gao II

Liner Gao II

In the transition from GaoGaiGar to GaoFighGar, the Liner Gao II is the GaoMachine which undergoes the most notable change in appearance. GAOFIGHGAR, it becomes shoulders and upper arms. The streamlined silhouette is reproduced with hard materials, and the 6 auxiliary rockets are removable.


Liner Gao II is characterized by the purging of its auxiliary rockets during Final Fusion, and that purge function is installed as a gimmick. Watch the video here!


When the nozzle is pressed against a flat surface, the 6 auxiliary rockets are radially ejected by the built-in spring. Drill rotation of Drill Gao II, opening and closing of both wings of Stealth Gao III, and purge of this Liner Gao II, etc.Each Gao machine is always equipped with "fun to hold in your hand" on its own.is characterized by


Decades after the birth of CHOGOKIN, the successor brand, SOUL OF CHOGOKIN, stands out from ordinary action figures because of the primitive surprises and immersiveness created by these hand-playing gimmicks. None other than that.


Liner Gao II Stealth Gao III

``GX-68 GaoGaiGar'' comes with 1 set of pedestals for Stealth Gao, but ``GX-104 GAOFIGHGAR'' has been expanded to 3 sets. All machines other than Drillgao II can be displayed side by side in flight. This emphasizes the concept of GAOFIGHGAR, and at the same time is a fun point to decorate!


■ Fusion from Phantom Gao to GaoFighGar

As you know, "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Final" is mainly developed as an OVA, and unlike the TV series, it is not a work that "starts with a toy". Therefore, in "GX-104 GAOFIGHGAR"Equipped with a toy's own interpretation, aiming to achieve both complete transformation into Gaoffer and three-dimensional imagery.It has been.




First, open the folded GaoFar and unfold the shoulders and arms. Fold the main wings behind the skirt, push the thigh wings inside, and fold the landing gear behind the knees.



Move the cover with the golden claw to the forearm with the internal arm to reveal the stowed wrist. You can replace it with an open wrist part here to recreate the deformation sequence in the video!



Open the cover that covers the ankle as shown in the image above to create a heel. The original interpretation of this part, where the impression changes especially when Phantom Gao transforms into GaoFar, and the pleasantness of the transformation, is a point that I would like you to check with the real thing!




Pull down the hip joint and lock the upper and lower body by engaging the concave on the front waist and the convex on the back of the nose. If you remove this after transforming, you can also put a pose that twists the waist.
Flip the canopy and GaoFighGar's head in a twisted fashion, and flip up the arm base of the shoulder (the part that becomes GaoFighGar's chest) to complete the transformation!






Recreate the complete transformation from Phantom Gao form! Even with the wrist part for transformation (the two images above without using the stand), the proportions are still good. By using special joint parts, you can use both the pedestals for GaoMachine and GaoFighGar (to be introduced in the second part), and the hip joints and ankles can be moved, and the presence of the heel makes it stand out.



Like the GaiGar of "GX-68 GaoGaiGar," it comes with a slightly larger appearance-oriented wrist part (2 types of grip and open) and a screaming face part. It is a mechanoid with a complex surface structure and a sharp design, which is different from the GaiGar.





The golden claw is movable, and close combat poses like in the play can be reproduced. Furthermore, not only the left and right, but also the claws in the center can be moved with Toy Original. While GaiGar (Galeon) was a mass of over-technology in the universe, GaoFar, which was created by the scientific power of mankind, expands the scope of mechanisms such as systematic expansion.


And once you have the Gao Machine and the Mechanoid, there's only one thing to do before Final Fusion! That's it!


Gaofer x Stealth Gaoh III

GaoFar x Stealth Gao III!


Gaoffer x Drillgao II

GaoFar x DrillGao II!


Gaoffer x Stealth Gao III x Drill Gao II

Gaoffer x Stealth Gao III x Drill Gao II! !


Neither form appears in the main story, but the dream combination that fans will definitely want to play is realized in the SOUL OF CHOGOKIN quality!
These are also not at the level of "well, you can do it if you want to", but the joint inside the heel of Drill Gao II (image below) fits the arm firmly, and a special joint that combines Gao's waist and Stealth Gao III is also included. increase. How becoming it.


Gaoffer x Stealth Gao III x Drill Gao II

*The Drill Gao II is very heavy, so please do not leave it equipped for long periods of time. When it is equipped, we reccomend using TAMASHII STAGE (sold separately) for support.


Although it is a form that hasn't appeared in the main story, the functional beauty and reality of each machine, including GaoFar, is drawn out, and is a new way to enjoy the figure that really drives home that "GaoFighGar is awesome even before the Final Fusion!" I highly recommend it.
In particular, the density of the back view with Drill Gao II attached...something...I can't handle!





Next time we'll check out the brave, new King of Braves, GaoFighGar, will be released soon!

We will continue to introduce the latest information on "GX-104 GAOFIGHGAR", from the transformation sequence of each Gao machine at the time of final fusion to the whole play value after combination!


The second part of the review is the key to victory! !


Monthly Hobby Japan March 2023 issue is full of information on "SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-104 GAOFIGHGAR"!


In the March 2023 issue of Monthly Hobby Japan (released on January 25), an interview with Director Yoshitomo Yonetani and SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GAOFIGHGAR is posted! Check out the full version of the interview in the magazine, such as impressions of SOUL OF CHOGOKIN and GAOFIGHGAR 's secret story during the OVA production.


>>Monthly Hobby Japan Official Website

>>The King of Kings ~Gaogaigar vs Betterman~ the COMIC Official Site




Click here for the second part of the review

>> Click here for the second part of the review



>> Click Here for the Product Details Page



Writing/Photography: Shizu-Mecha (@shizumeka)

* The images displayed in the article are of prototypes. They may differ from the actual finished product.
*Other SOUL OF CHOGOKIN items appearing in photos are sold separately.


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