Interview Articles "Pacific · Rim: Uprising" Steven S. Denite Director Special Interview

ROBOT SPIRITS & soft vinyl soul release commemoration "Pacific Rim: Uprising" Steven S. DeKnight special interview


――Immediately, how about "ROBOT SPIRITS

ROBOT SPIRITS & soft vinyl soul release commemoration "Pacific Rim: Uprising" Steven S. DeKnight special interview

Denite Director:I thought that I would like to touch the real thing in front of me early (lol). Since I was really looking forward to what the toy would be like before the production of the movie, I was really moved by the real thing.

- How is the degree of reproduction compared to the image?

Denite Director:I thought that the product made by Bandai was great from a long time ago, but honestly, I did not expect that such things could be done from detail to the range of motion.
Since this time's Jaeger is a level detail that can be said to be more than twice the previous work, it is a moving quality from the standpoint of the director.


-I think Jaeger will have a fierce battle in the new work "Pacific Rim: Uprising", but is it possible to reproduce it in the play with the ROBOT SPIRITS?

Denite Director:With this range of motion, you should be able to reproduce as much as you want. I want you to play the ROBOT SPIRITS after seeing the new work.
Even if I am a fan of the work, I absolutely will play all the Jaegers released in the future (laugh).

ROBOT SPIRITS & soft vinyl soul release commemoration "Pacific Rim: Uprising" Steven S. DeKnight special interview


■ Film "Pacific · Rim: Uprising"

- Please tell us about the new "Pacific · Rim: Uprising".

Denite Director:It is just a sequel that set the stage after 10 years from the previous work.
In the previous work, Jaeger belonged to each country, but this time all Jaeger belongs to the Allied military military organization PPDC (Pan Pacific Defense Corps), and the whole world is united to the crisis of humankind I will face it.

- Was it a lot of pressure to undertake a sequel to Dell Toro's huge hits?

Denite Director:of course! Director Del Tro had a unique style in the world, so it was a very difficult task.
What I did in 10 years later was the intention to revamp the world view with technology evolution by passing time from the story of the previous work.

ROBOT SPIRITS & soft vinyl soul release commemoration "Pacific Rim: Uprising" Steven S. DeKnight special interview

- How about a new Jaeger?

Denite Director:As all of the previous Jaegers have been destroyed, this time it is a newly developed Jaeger from scratch. Therefore it is considerably evolving compared to the old style.
The movement is also agile compared with the previous work, and a new operation system using the magnetic force called "MARGRAVE" is one of the highlights. In "MARGLAVE", the frame which restricted the movement of the pilot in the previous work disappeared, and it is made to be able to take action more freely.
Detail inside the cockpit is also evolving, so I would like you to pay attention to it. Since the monsters of "precursor" which is hostile to it are also evolving, the battle becomes more intense.

――The evolution of the main character in the sequel is like Japanese robot anime, isn't it? In the olden days, there was a change of protagonist from MAZINGER Z to Great Mazinger.

Denite Director:Of course, I am extremely conscious of homage to robot animation in Japan.
It is also the part inherited from the previous director Del Toro. Also, I myself watched "Ultraman" when I was a kid, so I think you can feel the influence in the battle scene with monsters.


■ Effects of Japanese special effects and animation

ROBOT SPIRITS & soft vinyl soul release commemoration "Pacific Rim: Uprising" Steven S. DeKnight special interview

- What kind of works do you like in Japanese special effects and animation?

Denite Director:Of course the first is "Godzilla"! I love everything including its history.
"Monster total advance" in which monsters fight all-star, in particular, was shocked when they were children. And the impact of "Gundam" was also great.

- Do you have any works that you particularly like, "Gundam"?

Denite Director:As I really like the whole work, it is as difficult question as "What's your favorite movie?" (Laugh).
If I dare to answer, the first Gundam "Mobile Suit Gundam" and the sequel "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam" are pretty cool. But all of them are great, so I can't choose.
Rather than that, I think that "Mobile Suit Gundam" should also be made into a live-action movie.

- Do you feel like Denite himself want to make it yourself?

Denite Director:The schedule is free (laugh). Actually, since technology has evolved considerably now, including CG, it is really possible to realize real life.
It's been four years since Dell Toro's "Pacific Rim", and the technology of the movie has definitely evolved.

ROBOT SPIRITS & soft vinyl soul release commemoration "Pacific Rim: Uprising" Steven S. DeKnight special interview

- In the end, please give a message to Japanese fans.

Denite Director:Tokyo is the battlefield for this climax scene. When I was a kid, I was very happy to be the director of the scene where monsters fight in the sacred places I saw in "Ultraman" and "Godzilla".
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making this movie. I was playing with a toy of "Star Wars" when I was a child, but the pleasure at that time is still unforgettable memories.
I'm sure that once you have the ROBOT SPIRITS, it will be as important to you as I was when I was a kid.


──Thank you very much.



Steven S. Denite [Steven S. DeKnight]

Steven S. Denite [Steven S. DeKnight]
I am from America. Screenwriter, producer, director.
Worked on web and TV drama series such as "Daredevil" and "Young Perman". Taking over the previous work from director Guillermo del Toro, he will direct "Pacific Rim: Uprising". He has a deep knowledge of Japanese animation and special effects, and has professed to be a fan of "Godzilla," "Ultraman," and "Ambassador Magma."

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