Interview Articles "Digivolving Spirits" Commercialization Commemorative Special Dialogue! Digimon Creator's Talk Kakudou Hiroyuki x Kenji Watanabe × Volcano Ota

Commemorating the commercialization of "TAMASHII TAMASHII Lab Super Gun" Special interview with Susumu Kurobe, who plays Hayata in "Ultraman"

In commemoration of the completion of the super evolutionary soul WarGreymon, Mr. Hakusho of the "Digimon Adventure" series director who was a creator who built Digimon, Ms. Watanabe, chief designer of "Digital Monster" at the time Wandgraemon who is in charge of development at Bandai Three of Mr. Ota who is one of the birth parents gathered.
Let me tell you exactly about the story of War Greymon, who has revived to the present age, from the old memories of those days, about the future of the super evolution spirit.

- How about watching "Digivolving Spirits 01 WarGreymon"?

Watanabe:Compared with the old super evolution series, the face became very fearless.

Kakudou:The face of WarGreymon is cool even if it looks directly in front.

Watanabe:We adjusted a lot. For sure, the face is still cute.

Kakudou:You were plump.

Ota:No, this is well done. After all, there is an impression that the culture of the toy has changed compared to those at the time, now what is required is something that can withstand the adult's appreciation.

Watanabe:At that time I was making a lot of effort though. Because I was making it as "I want them too!"

Ota:I did not make much effort though (laugh).

Watanabe:Yeah! (Laugh).

Ota:Mr. Watanabe and Mr. Wiz were working very hard. I had a face like "I did it" (laugh).

Watanabe:By the way, I use a lot of die cast this time and it is gorgeous. With 6,500 yen(excluding tax), I feel that I'm working hard to make things today.

Ota:(Touching it) Movement has evolved from that time. I think that head parts work well, even in the sense that they can express expression.


▲ Shot the test shot items from the factory as soon as possible. Silver part is die-cast.
Besides armor parts, the point is that we also use die-casting for hip joints and ankles.

- Watanabe-san, how was it once again drawn WarGreymon for packaging?

Watanabe:This time I am drawing in the form of figure of the super evolution spirit figure so I draw it coolly as if there is a sense of dignity but the shape of the back is like a head of Agumon rather than a shield a bit I am doing it.


- What is the point of supervision of "Digivolving Spirits" series?

Watanabe:First of all, Mr. Nishizawa's commitment of planning staff was amazing, so it was a feeling like "Is it okay with this as a shape !?" "Ah, is not it?" It was fun.

Kakudou:It is nice to evolve from Agumon to WarGreymon with chitin. Actually, when creating "Digimon Adventure", only two conditions are issued from the animation side, one is "I want you to let the story do here because I will give out the toy properly." Another thing was, "Digimon evolves, but once it runs out, once it returns to its original state."

Watanabe:If it is the original portable game machine "digital monster", it is a game to evolve due to the characteristics of the product, so it will not return.

Kakudou:As here, it's tough to always walk with Greymon (in terms of drawing and directing) and it's hard to put an evolution scene every time by returning it, so it was possible to make it a program-like feature. I wanted to make it a sort of transformation thing. Mr. Ota is very opposed at first. But I finally accepted it. Without it, there was no toy that Agumon evolved into the ultimate WarGreymon from the growth stage.

Ota:At first I was told that I was very opposed, but I do not remember it at all (laugh).

Watanabe:No, no, I disagreed (laugh). But I was against it, but at the beginning. There is a memorial opposition between With and Bandai because it is strange to be different from a portable game machine. But as a result, I think that it was awesome.


- By the way, what was your impression when you saw the super evolution series at that time?

Kakudou:It deformed properly, I was surprised.

Ota:WarGreymon was really amazing, and I also had a sense of "making good products." Even if claws remained inside the hands during Agumon, I feel ashamed of saying "This is OK!" (Laugh). I was scolded by my master (Mr. Tsuyoshi Nonaka) in the evolutionary scene, Is not the brave shield of the back attached with the emblem of courage with Dawn? So, I remember saying "I apologize because that is being strikingly impressive but I look like a moth when I see it from behind!" Patamon (Enememon) seems to get angry, is not it? I do not remember much of it, but ...

Watanabe:I got angry (laugh). Is not she breaking her face up in the middle? I was scolded, "It is impossible to break the face of the character!" "But I can not make it without doing it," but I ended up with saying "Shiritsu" (laugh).

Watanabe:Did you make a design after deciding WarGreymon to evolve as a toy?

Ota:Since Metal Greymon is going to be the ultimate body, I decided to design like a humanoid Knight like a dragon knight. Come to think of it, the impression that the waist drooping parts were attached to deform it with a toy ... ....

Watanabe:For WarGreymon, I feel like I was doing parallel (animation and design). 'Cause, Ota's first drawing of "My War Greymon" has no shield on the back. Certainly, I think that I can not make it without breaking the head of Agumon and I think that I decided to attach something to my back.

Kakudou:A sample was delivered at an early time and I was pleased to take a picture. For painting reference, I think that it was a time when I could not do it or I could not do it.

- Metal Garurumon comes out as the second part of "Digivolving Spirits".

Kakudou:This is very cute Gabmon.

Img - 04


- You heard that you are also preparing Alfamon's prototype from "DIGITAL MONSTER X-evolution (Digital Monster Zevolution)".

Ota:You went to Hong Kong S.A.R to make Zevolution, didn't you?

Kakudou:"Adventure" "02" and accepting product things but I got the story done in the stance to let me do it freely here, conversely Watanabe, Wiz, Mr. Bandai made a picture of the story I thought Is "Zevolution".
I was involved in a complementary standing position to do what I did not do with "adventure". That's why I have a feeling that the job of "Digimon" has ended quite a "Zevolution".
That's why when listening to this lineup, it is total, including that much, to realize the chunk of "Digimon" that I did at that time ... ... Realize that it will be realized if it says in the way of "Tamers" It is a very appreciate series think.

Watanabe:It is the Kakudou world (laugh).

Kakudou:It is a lot of fun to have them all. At the time, I wanted 8 bodies at the time. That's it ... already ....

Ota:No, I will say, 'Were you guys who bought eight bodies at that time?' (Laugh). It costs a tremendous cost to make one body ... Hey .... But now the soil is getting warm.
Although it depends on everyone's support, Digimon which had not come up so far should come out, so please fill in the gaps of everyone's heart.

- Actually, the drawing is also made for Engeuchon.

Watanabe:This will be a proper thing. Please collect it.

Img - 06

- If there is "Zevolution", the possibilities extend to "Tamers", "Frontier", "Sabers".

Ota:It is an era when such revenge can be made. In the past, after creating the product "There was something I wanted to do more," but there are now revengeable soils.

Watanabe:I never dreamed that the Super Evolution series that I made for the first time will be commercialized from the Collectors Division towards high targets. I did not expect things to go out too much (laughs).
In 18 years, a new life will be blown in. Goods that have been done so far. I'd like to see it again, I think that it is becoming a commodity that I would like to try fingering in hands. We would like you to buy it by all means.

Ota:If it does not sell it will not last a series! (Lol)

Kakudou:Please think about the place to decorate from now on "Where to put it?" Even now, there is one closet in the product at the time, but it has been increased further by the fact that the product has recently come out ... ... It was not supposed (laugh).
At the time, at the end of the "frontier" launched four pieces at once, well the staff did not change so much, there was a large-scale launch with almost all the casts together.
At that time, I was asked to give a speech, and I said, "I hope it will continue 10 or 20 years from now, like 'Ultraman' or 'Kamen Rider.'" But I never thought it would really turn out like this.
Regardless of the continuation of the new work, it is truly appreciated that you can recycle the character of "Digimon Adventure" at the time like this. I'd like to line up at the desk at the same time.

Img - 07


Kakudou Hiroyuki

Kakudou Hiroyuki
Born in Fukuoka prefecture on September 28, 1959. Animation director / director belonging to former Toei animation.
"Digimon Adventure" (1999) "Digimon Adventure 02" (2000) established a format of anime version Digimon as a series director. We built up our own worldview with novel version and drama CD etc etc.
Participate in the following "Digimon Tamers" (2001) and "Digimon Frontier" (2002) as a story effect. He again directed himself at OVA "DIGITAL MONSTER X-evolution" (2005).
Major participating works include "Yu-Gi-Oh!" (1998), "Transformers Galaxy Force" (2005), "Tiger Mask W" (2016) and so on. In group animation production group "group Ebisen", we also produce short films.

Kenji Watanabe

Kenji Watanabe
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture on March 21, 1966. Character designer of WOW FACTORY representative.
As a chief designer for Toy Planning Development Company / Wiz who belonged then, he was in charge of dot drawings and illustrations of the handheld game machine "Tamagotchi" series.
He is also a main designer in the subsequent "Digital Monster" series, working on various Digimon designs, including dot drawings, and official illustrations.
There are "Magical Witches" series, "Karamigo" series, "Legends" series, etc. in the development toy.

Volcano Ota / Kensuke Ota

Volcano Ota / Kensuke Ota
Born in Tokyo on January 2, 1971. A voice actor who is responsible for former Digimon development.
Joined Bandai in 1994 and participated in the planning and development of the handheld game machine "Digital Monster" series. He was also active in various media as Digimon masterpiece Volcano Ota.
The design of WarGreymon is what Watanabe put together by Mr. Watanabe based on the sketch which Mr. draws. Appear as a voice actor as a volchemon at 'Digimon Frontier' (2002).
Bandai retirement in 2016 "Animal Sentai Deja ja" officially debut as a voice actor. Currently he belongs to the voice acting office · Blue 2 Production.

Photo Cooperation: World Photo Press "Figure Oh"

01 WarGreymon
Digivolving Spirits
01 WarGreymon

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 7,020 yen(tax 8% included)
Release date: scheduled for November 2017

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Digivolving Spirits Digivolving Spirits
Picked to children once they were chosen -. In the early 2000s, pursuing the concept of reproducing the "evolution" of the monumental figure of the deformed figures, "Digimon Super Evolution Series (Digivolving Series)", which was a huge hit worldwide in "deformation" to the limit.
Expressing "pretty" before evolution, "coolness" after evolution "goodness of proportion" with latest technology and sharp modeling.
Partly die casting and plating are also used, and stereoscopically sticking to the texture of the material. It is this "super evolution spirit" series that aims at the ultimate adult Digimon modified figure.


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