Interview Articles "GFMC WING GUNDAM SNOW WHITE PRELUDE" Commercialization Commemorative Interview with Hikaru Midorikawa as Heero Yuy

Interview Articles Snow White Prelude "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" Interview with Hikaru Midorikawa as Heero Yuy

"Interview Articles" approaching the depths of creators. This time, we interviewed Mr. Hikaru Midorikawa, who is known for playing Heero Yuy in "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing". "GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITEWING GUNDAM SNOW WHITE PRELUDE" and "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing". In addition, Mr. Midorikawa participated in a talk session at "TAMASHII NATION 2019" the other day. We also talked about the event.


Midorikawa:I thought it was pretty white on the first impression. In fact, there were subtle color shades, such as shades of gray, and I felt that it wasn't a single color and was very handy.

----Thank you.

Midorikawa:Compared to the old plastic model and the finished product, isn't the quality of the recent three-dimensional model really good? Originally, as much as I like 3D objects, there is also the happiness that 25 years have passed since the first animation, and that I can take the evolution. Also, since the Prelude is an introduction, I wonder if there will be other variations in the future. It is fun to imagine various things.

――In the talk session, you talked about future developments as "irresistible."

Midorikawa:Even in "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop", which is the source, the whole picture has not been clarified yet. Even if you imagine the setting, it will be a little more clear with the appearance of a "prelude" like this one.

――I have asked Hajime Katoki to design and supervise the Snow White Prelude, but how about “Katoki Design” like Mr. Midorikawa?

Midorikawa:I think that each mechanical designer has its charm, but personally, Katoki's line is quite a proclivity, “fetish” (laughs).

――──How about marking?

Midorikawa:I like. The markings so far are also quite unique, but the impression that the Snow White Prelude is balanced only in the white main, so that it is not too much.

――By the setting, “Prelude” is a snow white prototype machine, and there is a possibility that there is still a middle stage until the snow white is completed.

Midorikawa:Of course, I'm happy just to be three-dimensional, saying, "Yes, this is Snow White," but I think it's even more exciting if I think that it has more potential. "Is it still fun?" I also like games, so this time, Snow White as a solid has a more specific design, so I wonder if it will appear in the game. I'm looking forward to what kind of battle scene it will be.

――There is also the possibility of the appearance of the Sparobo series.

Midorikawa:Maybe G Gene is ahead of Sparobo? The new work "SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays" has just been announced, so it may be a while away ... Still, if there was no design, it would be a media mix and the appearance of the game would not be decided. I'm looking forward to seeing it someday. “W” has a strong fantasy color, but it is not unrealistically armed. So, of course, the army of this Prelude, of course, "seven dwarfs (Seventsberg)" may be reflected (in the game). The seven warheads by attribute (of Jeventsberg) are really interesting settings. The dream has become more concrete, as if it would be visualized one day as CG.

――When you make it into a video, the tension will rise as well.

Midorikawa:When I was interviewed for "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz", when I was asked about the development, I answered, "I don't care if Heero's turn is reduced, I'd like to see Wing Gundam in action." Because the OVA and The Movie have the impression that the mecha moves with a quality higher than that of TV. "I want to see that!"

――In fact, even now, the “W” mechanical scene is of high quality.

Midorikawa:It went up at once with OVA from the TV series. Also, "GUNDAM EVOLVE../7" was amazing, wasn't it? Nobuko Murase, who was in charge of character design for "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing", is in charge of directing and directing. Actually, I met Mr. Murase for the first time at that time. At that time, I was like, “Oh, Mr. Murase! We haven't met each other since we were on TV.

--Mr. Murase, you are currently directing the new film Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway's Flash.

Midorikawa:In that sense, I want to see the latest "W" supervised by Murase-san. After all the aura is different.


―――― How was “TAMASHII NATION 2019”?

Midorikawa:I saw Snow White at the time of the PV recording, but this time it was a great opportunity to see it again as an exhibition at "TAMASHII NATION 2019".

――This time, you participated in a talk session at the eve of the festival “TAMASHII NATION 2019 Preview Night”.

Midorikawa:It's a live performance, so it's difficult to balance between what you can say and what you don't (laughs). For the time being, you're on stage, but you're just a fan representative. "No, you don't get stuck there," you can understand the feelings unique to fans.

――At the time of the talk, I received fan service with hiiro-like lines such as “I will perform my duties from now on”.

Midorikawa:"I'll kill you" is a bit dangerous. But if you ask someone who likes "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing", they can live longer if they say "I'll kill you" (laughs).

--surely. Lirina is alive too (laughs).

Midorikawa:"Look, you didn't kill me, after all" (laughs). When I said "I Kill You" at an overseas event, it was really exciting.

――I'm glad that Mr. Midorikawa especially tells you. How was the exhibition besides Snow White?

Midorikawa:After all, I'm curious about the item of the work I used to watch. I especially liked "BLUE GALE XABUNGLE".

――When you visited the venue, you were stopped by `` HI-METAL R Walker Gyaria''.

Midorikawa:I was doing Kyudo when I was a student, but it was evening in the end. If you return in a hurry, it's time to watch. On the way home from flying a great clinkerboard, I have memories of slipping on gravel and falling. I guess I was in a hurry (laughs). I think he skipped a lot, but he didn't fall so much.

――Starting with "Mobile Suit Gundam", Saturday evening was the time for Sunrise Robot works, wasn't it?

Midorikawa:I loved that sunrise work.

-During the viewing, even in the same sunrise work, "SOUL OF CHOGOKIN Space Runaway IDEON FA" seemed to be quite interested.

Midorikawa:I also watched movies. "Contact Hen" and "Activation Hen". After all, the shock of "Is there an anime where all the characters die?"

All together(Lol)

■ Novel "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop"

――It seems that the novel "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop" has also been thoroughly checked.

Midorikawa:I can't say everything from one to ten yet, but what is the point?

――In the novel version, it is a later date of the animation, how is it?

Midorikawa:The duo, Father Maxwell, wasn't it written "Elderly"? If you look up "Elderly" in the dictionary, it's from "40". When you look at the characters, you get the impression that you are very old.

――Is that more than 60?

Midorikawa:That's right. I remember that the age setting alone caused a lot of noise. The figure is not drawn in the illustrations, so it is just an imagination, but I thought that it was not good because it was just a bitter age.

――How about mechanically?

Midorikawa:… I guess, “Snow White” wants you to take your cloak as soon as possible!

――When you are worried about the inside (laughs).

Midorikawa:Certainly, at the beginning of the series, there was no name for Katoki. However, because I was credited one day, I was thrilled to say, "What's that?" But there was also "Is it closed?" Month 1 is long. Disappointing feeling when there is no serialization. How far has mechanical design been announced?

-Prometheus, Sheherazade, Epion pie, and the cloak, but maybe around the warlock.

Midorikawa:Something has been teased a lot (laughs). Well, that's what makes me excited. And when the Snow White Prelude comes out this time, of course, it's like, "You can also get your cloak." I am looking forward to it. Looking back, when I was a child, I was in this industry with a crush on Gundam. The topic of "W" is still fluttering like a child.

──Thank you very much.


Midorikawa Hikaru

Midorikawa Hikaru
Aoni professional affiliation.
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