In February 1974, "CHOGOKIN" was born as a character toy series using die-cast as the main material. The name comes from the fictitious metal "CHOGOKIN Z" that appears in "MAZINGER Z". In other words, from the time of its birth, ``strength'', ``dream'' and ``admiration'' existed in `` CHOGOKIN', not just as a robot toy made of metal.

"CHOGOKIN" did not like to fit into one mold, and ideas were incorporated one after another. The year after the birth of the series, `` DX CHOGOKIN COM-BATTLER V Brave REIDEEN' was created, which was a pioneer of Japanese transforming robots. achieve The attitude of pursuing various gimmicks of such "CHOGOKIN" later led to the birth of many transforming and combining robots from Japan, and became the starting point of being loved all over the world.

In this way, "CHOGOKIN" will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. With 50 years of gratitude, a project for fans around the world who love "CHOGOKIN" is about to start now.

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