Barnaby Brooks Jr.

"Fully Activated" Light-Up Body! Barnaby Joins the 12" PM Series!

12"PMより、バーナビー(ヒーロースーツ)が登場。全身にLEDを内蔵し、能力発動時の発光部分を再現。プレイスメントロゴは劇中にあわせて三種類を再現。桂正和氏による完全監修のもと制作し、一部、ディテール部のデザインを新たにを設定し作成した。密度感のある12インチフィギュア!! ワイルドタイガー同様にフェイスオープン時のマスクと専用台座が付属します。

Barnaby Brooks Jr. in full armor regalia is the latest addition to the 12"PM lineup. The entire figure incorporates LEDs to perfectly replicate the fighting suit's illuminated appearance. Features all three sponsor logos as seen in the series. Masakazu Katsura oversaw the production, including the creation of a portion of all-new design details. The 12" gives this figure real impact, and just as with Wild Tiger, a special stand and an "open mask" version are included.


Style and Detail: Produced by Masakazu Katsura


Each logo is replicated in accurate detail.
The arm covers are detachable, letting you display whatever sponsor logo you prefer.


Two variations are included – an illuminated helmet and an "open face" version, letting you display however you like. The "open face" version can also be converted to display in closed mode as well.

※ セットされている電池はテスト用です。光が弱くなったら電池を交換してください。
※ 12”PMワイルドタイガーは別売りです。
- Test battery included. Please exchange it for a fresh one if the lights dim.