-Exclusive Edition-
Photo review!

This is the time of year when Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts collectors eagerly await a treasure trove of release announcements. Event Exclusive figures from Tamashii Nations are now available at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2022 (July 21st - 24th). There are four Dragon Ball Exclusives, with one being a first-time release of Super Saiyan 2 Son Goku, that comes with a never-before-seen aura effect to recreate the electric shock lightning!

Super Saiyan 2 Son Goku has been high on every collector’s wish list since he was first shown off during Tamashii Nations 2020. The S.H.Figuarts SUPER SAIYAN 2 SON GOKU -Exclusive Edition- version has undergone a few changes including a brighter metallic gold hair color and a battle-damaged upper dogi.

Let’s take a closer look at this must-have item, starting with his head and three additional expression face plates. The hair has a wonderful soft metallic gold tinge, which pairs well with the aura effect. Since this is based on Goku from the Buu saga, just after he fights Yakon, he comes with a torn dogi, and an Angel Halo attachment is also included.

This release comes with four additional sets of hands; open, gripping, martial arts, and his instant transmission hands, which allow you to recreate some iconic Goku poses. It also has a lovely shaded orange color and a lighter matte-colored belt that balances each other well.

The biggest surprise with this figure is the brand-new aura design with attachable lightning effects that perfectly completes the powered-up Super Saiyan 2 look. It has defined energy spikes with a greater depth and more defined edges. As a result, it matches the lightning design better. It also comes with four attachable lightning effects that connect via a small ball joint, so you can move them around a little to get the angles just right for the powered-up Super Saiyan 2 pose!

For people attending Comic-Con International: San Diego 2022, along with this fantastic Goku release, you can also grab the following Dragon Ball exclusives.

S.H.Figuarts MAJIN BUU -GOOD- -Exclusive Edition- is rocking a vibrant, new, shiny, yellow paint job for his rain boots and gloves. Also his whole body is repainted to match the color in film. S.H.Figuarts SHENRON -Exclusive Edition- is sporting a magical, metallic-green body that really pops and will look amazing with a full set of Earth Dragon Balls gathered under him. Lastly there is the highly anticipated S.H.Figuarts ANDROID 16 -Exclusive Edition- to match the Androids who were released back in 2020!

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