Photo review!

Written by, Rockchala

The surprise offering from Tamashii Nations 2022 event exclusive line up is the GUNDAM UNIVERSE RX-93 GUNDAM [MARKING PLUS VER.].

While this event exclusive release for the RX-93 comes with the same accessories as the original May 2021 release it also has more details that brings it to life from any angle.

The main body stands approx. 150mm tall. It comes with a Fin-Funnel, Beam Saber in a bright pastel pink colour, as well as a hilt only version which you can attach to the detachable jet pack. There is an additional right hand to hold the Beam Saber. A Tamashii Stage stand attachment is also included to make it easier to recreate the epic Gundam space battles.

Just like the original release, the golden trims on the helmet and exhaust vents makes this figure pop, especially when combined with the emerald green highlights. However, where the original release went for a minimalistic aesthetic for detailing, this release lives up to its [MARKING PLUS VER.] tag line.

Starting from the bottom right leg there is an EFSF (Earth Federation Space Force) logo just above the foot. The left leg knee guard is also featuring the same logo. The two front waist guards are sporting newly added logos; the right has a Londo Bell logo, and the left side has a RA-Calium logo. Finally, the right shoulder armour is rocking the V RX-93 Nu Gundam logo. The extra detailing on this figure elevates it from being a simple plastic toy.

One of the Fin-Funnels on this release also has articulation, so you can fold it out and attach it to the rest of the fins, or you can transform it and attach it to a Tamashi stage (sold separately) to pose next to the RX-93. All of the joints in this figure feel really smooth, and for a bulky mecha, he has a surprisingly wide range of articulation in the legs.

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