-Exclusive Edition-
photo review!

Written by, Rockchala

Whether you were Team Godzilla or Team Kong, you will love one of this year’s event exclusives; S.H.MonsterArts KONG FROM GODZILLA VS. KONG (2021) -Exclusive Edition-. This Kong comes with an upgraded axe effect, three mini HEAV vehicles, a whole new head, and five new hands. Also the severed Mechagodzilla head which Kong can hold in his hand!

This version of Kong is sporting a greyer brown tone than his previous version just like in the final showdown, which makes his new added battle damage and blood splatter stand out. The standout battle damage is the large bloody scar across his chest which completes the look when he holds up the new severed Mechagodzilla head accessory!

Along with the two faces from the original release, we also get a new clenched face which allows him to look more aggressive. His axe has also had a brand new paint job that gives it a more powered-up look. You can further accent his axe by clamping on the blue translucent energy effect parts.

While this version does not come with the relaxed open hands or the knuckle-walking hands from the original release, instead it comes with a pair of open attack hands, and two new gripping hands; one for holding the Mechagodzilla head, and one for grabbing a HEAV. He also comes with a right hand which has a pointing index finger. These new hands greatly expand the playability of this figure and, when combined with the new head, you’re able to express a wider range of emotions.

The Mechagodzilla head is one of the coolest figure extras that we have seen from S.H.Monsterarts. It is highly detailed, just like the head on the actual S.H.Monsterarts MECHAGODZILLA FROM GODZILLA VS. KONG (2021)! This allows you to easily recreate your favorite post-battle win-pose with Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla.

The fun accessories do not end there. There are also three mini uncolored HEAVs with a stand. Each of the four engines can swivel on the fuselage so you can pose them in a flying or hover position, or you can recreate that touching scene with the one landed on Kong’s chest.

This is the definitive Godzilla vs Kong, Kong release. Not only does he have a wonderful new paint job, with sculpted and painted battle damage, but we also get a new expression, an assortment of hands, and fun accessories making him a great addition to everyone’s S.H.Monsterarts collection, even if you have the original.

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