Love robots? Love Gundam? Now is the perfect chance to add the iconic RX-78-2 Gundam to your collection! If you are visiting NYCC 2022 (October 6th - 9th, 2022), you will be able to get your hands on the Gundam Universe RX-78-2 GUNDAM [ REAL MARKING PLUS ver. ] figure.

This release trades in the vivid red and blue colours for a more subtle and stylish pastel colour palette which gives this figure a well-loved retro toy aesthetic. Instead of the bright red we have a soft peach colour that is accented by a mellow yellow and sky blue for the midsection. The core body of the RX-78-2 has a soft grey tone instead of the classic white, which pairs beautifully with the pastel colours.

While the paint job on the body was changed to the softer pastel colours, the weapon beam was switched from a matte pink colour to a bright vibrant pink that looks amazing when connected to either the Beam Rifle or his two Beam Sabers.

As the version tag [ REAL MARKING PLUS ver. ] implies, this release has several markings that add extra depth to this figure. The EFSF logo and the Gundam version tag is located on the right shoulder guard, shield, and just above the left chest vent. The WB102 serial number is also printed on the right knee guard, with extra detailing at the top of both knee guards and above the cockpit.

The figure comes with a great selection of accessories; the iconic Beam Rifle, shield, and two Beam Sabers. It also comes with a clip that allows it to be attached to a stand which makes it possible to do fun aerial posing. The wide range of articulation in the arms, legs, and feet make this figure really easy to pose and stand on its own.

Even if you own the original release, this is a must-have for Gundam Universe collectors, or if you have yet to dive into collecting, this is a great starting point. This figure comes with all the iconic accessories, with a lovely subtle finish, and the extra detailed markings bring the figure to life. Whether you have, 1 or 10 figures this will look great on your shelf.

Written by :Rockchalla

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