column Until the super evolution spirit can be made !! 【The beginning of the first part, planning, and commitment to modeling! 】

A deformed figure "Super Evolutionary Soul" that was once chosen and presented to children !!
The first bullet "Super Evolution Soul 01 WarGreymon" will be released on Saturday, November 18!
Before the launch, let's show you a report full of plenty of things ranging from the backstage to product completion until its appeal !!

◎ The beginning of the project

The Bandai Collectors Division has been producing Digimon Toys in various forms, led by SHFiguarts, which pursues proportions and mobility. Therefore, what kind of Digimon Toy should be created for the anniversary of the 20th anniversary of the birth of Digital Monsters?
Reminiscent of it was the deformed Toy "Super Evolution Series" released by Bandai at the time of the animated series broadcasted with "Digimon Adventure". "Evolution" which is the characteristic of Digimon is reproduced with technology of modified toy cultivated by Bandai. "Super evolution series" which realizes "physically impossible" evolution "with surprising gimmick has gained popularity, and it has been developed for a long time as a standard product of the animation series.
What will happen if modern technology revives the "super evolution series" in which the character of "Digimon" Digimon and fascination as a transformation toy are combined? ...... From such thought, "super evolution spirit" project started.

▲ Proposal plan at the planning stage. Concept and commercialization vision is also described.

◎ What is an ideal Digimon?

Let's introduce the process of "Ultra Evolved Soul 01 War Greymon" as an example, until the completion of "Super Evolutionary Soul", with development materials that will be released for the first time in Japan.

First, a rough image sketch is drawn by the staff of PLEX, a related company of Bandai.

Two bodies with a completely different silhouette called Agumon of the growing period and Wargreymon of the ultimate body are reproduced by deformation. At this point, basic deformation gimmicks are imaged, such as changes in body color of the foot and deformation of the waist part. Based on this image sketch, development will be advanced.

Regarding the first WarGreymon, it also points to being conscious of the former "Super Evolution Series". It is said that the user who played in the ultra evolution series at that time remembered its memory and also had a feeling that they could feel the "evolution" as a renewed toy. Development was carried out while actually referring to the old toy.

▲ Comparison with the super evolution series. The point of the evolution is noted.

◎ The commitment of collectors division!

When a 3D model including a gimmick is created from the design picture with the hand of the design brain, first the collector's division checks the CG !! WarGreymon Check the balance of parts related to coolness such as volume sense of the arm and shoulder position . Commitment is demonstrated in the limitation by deformation gimmick.

▲ Check by Bandai side. Adjustments are made to fine details.

◎ Watanabe Kenji appeared!

Here, Creator Writer, Kenji Watanabe, who is the creator of Digimon, appeared !! CG of both forms of Agumon and WarGreymon are carefully checked and a line of correction instructions is drawn. Agumon is mainly the face part and the body line. Regarding the painting of the eyes, this corrected image is also referred to. And the modification of WarGreymon is head and chest. Especially for the head, a correction line is drawn on the whole surface. After all, the face of the character is a big point of supervision.

▽ Supplementary materials for further correction made by Mr. Watanabe.

◎ T1 sample completed !!

When designing by CAD is completed based on the correction point of supervision, a mold for actually mass producing the product is manufactured. The first test molded article that was struck out from the mold is a sample called "T1". Based on this T1 arrived from the factory, check the condition and shape of the parts, the engagement of the parts with each other, the mounting strength, etc., and repeat the improvement if there are problems. How much trouble can you find and improve? It is an important process that determines the quality of the final product, so just thorough checks are done. It can be said that it is the most kimo part in the manufacturing process of industrial products Toy. These efforts realize complex deformed toys !!

▲ Materials taken taking pictures of the defects and summarizing them as comments. Since the purpose of T1 is to see the shape only, it is molded in a color different from the actual one. By the way, "gui - chi" is a small step that is born due to die gap.

◎ The next part is the second part!When the test shot is over, color sample with color appears at last. Here too we can see a lot of insistence. Continue to worry is by the second part! Candidate draft package that became a crying weep ...! What?

Digivolving Spirits

Picked to children once they were chosen -. In the early 2000s, pursuing the concept of reproducing the "evolution" of the monumental figure of the deformed figures, "Digimon Super Evolution Series (Digivolving Series)", which was a huge hit worldwide in "deformation" to the limit. Expressing "pretty" before evolution, "coolness" after evolution "goodness of proportion" with the latest technology and sharp modeling.
Partly die casting and plating are also used, and stereoscopically sticking to the texture of the material. It is this "super evolution spirit" series that aims at the ultimate adult Digimon modified figure.


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