column Target Nishizawa's "Super evolution soul" protruding information: "02 Metal Garurumon" test shot & World first publicly released image, Volume!

Digimon fans, Hello! Target is Nishizawa!
"Push Digimon" is "Tailmone" for Digimon Adventure, "Dufton" for Royal Knights, remembering that I was in charge of the 10th anniversary ... ... "Dracomon"! Even if you are a nice person, please let me know every other day!

(As for target Nishizawa,"Note 1"Please refer to the. )

Now! Today, the test shot of "02 Metal Garurumon" which started reservation on August 1 has come up, so I would like to see it lightly with colored prototypes!

■ What is the formation of "super evolution soul"?

First, I will explain from the formation of this brand!
In the past, Digimon had a masterpiece toy called "super evolution series". This was a very ambitious figure series "Digimon's evolution is reproduced with deformation" that started when "Digimon Adventure" was animated! Mr. Volcano Ota who was a Bandai representative at the time(Note 2)According to the testimony, when thinking about how to use the product name, it is weak because it is just an "evolved figure", so CHOGOKIN regards "super" and added it to "super-evolved series" ... There is no body or lid, but it is a true Bandai episode!
This "Super Evolution Series" has recorded over 1 million big hits in Japan with 8 types released at the time of "Digimon Adventure" broadcast! I think many people were surprised at the transformation from Greymon to MetalGreymon and the sequence in which Patamon pops open and transforms into Angemon. And even more super hits in America! It was a very fulfilling lineup, with some item not being released in Japan. (Honestly, I was envious ...!)

■ "Super Evolution Soul 01 War Greymon" Package final version is released for the first time!

The "Super Evolution Soul" sent by TAMASHII NATIONS this time inherits the soul of the "Super Evolution Series" and uses the current technology to achieve high quality. In addition, the lineup includes items that were not on sale at that time. It will be a brand that will be commercialized not only in Japan but also for Digimon fans all over the world. You can easily, enjoyably, and transform the part of the Digimon called "Evolution" that has the most catharsis while playing the song "brave heart"! And it looks super cool! That is the best selling point of this brand.

Furthermore, Ken Watanabe package illustration of "Super Evolutionary Soul"(Note 3)Draw down! Package final version is first public! Although it is regrettable that it does not convey when it is a photograph, the whole is mat processing, the part of the illustration is a UV treatment which made it Tsurun, the part written as "DIECAST" has become a luxurious specification full of silver foil pushing.

Please enjoy the package side by side with the product!
And, for detailed review of this product, I am glad if you can wait a little more!

■ "02 Metal Garurumon" test shot is released for the first time! !

First public release Part 2! ! ! It is a test shot of Metal Garurumon just arrived from the factory yesterday.

* For factory prototypes in the early stages of development, colors and textures differ from actual products.

Die casting is used for the armor of the metal garurumon head, the top surface of the missile pod (the back of the foot of the gabmon), the pipe part where strength is required, and clear parts are used for the beam part of the feather and the tail ! (Since it is not yet clear this time, please take a look as a reference only.)
As the photo below shows, when the product was released, CSA Digi-Vice, the target that Nishizawa was targeting in the past(Note 4)Enjoying to have fun together with it! Whoever has a great deal! Mr. Shibata Mizuno Productions who took charge of photography for Metal Garurumon of this super evolutionary soul(Note 5)It is the coolest among the metal garurumon that I have photographed so far! Since it is supposed to be said (← Shibata's eyes), please expect it.

* For factory prototypes in the early stages of development, colors and textures differ from actual products.

By the way ... when you look from behind at the time of Gabumon, just a little bit of part is that "It is that !! This is this !!" or "Wobi and rust inheriting from the super evolution series" and you can drink it ...... We are proud to be the coolest thing in the history of Metal Garurumon's figures (← Target Nishizawa eyes), including the quality of the product, proportion and size feeling!

■ "03 Diabolomon" the world's first public visual!

And the world's first public image is here! ! !

The Movie "Our War Game! ], Diabolomon violates the taboo in the anime world by attacking Patamon and Tentomon, who are in the process of evolving. Wouldn't it be nice if all the staff could enjoy it like this...? We are thinking about the lineup every day!

As a future goal ...
(1) Commercialization of 8 partner Digimon of "Digimon Adventure"!
(2) Commercialize popular Digimon of series other than "Digimon Adventure"!

I am thinking about that. Square corner director(Note 6)Also,Click hereIn the interview, "I'm really looking forward to seeing all of them, so I wanted 8 bodies at the time, so I guessed it was already ... ... so ... ... I wish I could work hard with everyone in the fans We will!


The character of the explanation panel of "Alfamon" which was exhibited at the event "Digimon Adventure Fest" held the other day ... ...! How far can you go! ! !

■ More bonus

And finally! "Digimon Universe Application Monsters" episode 45, did you check? Digimon 20th anniversary commemorating, Agnum appeared in the play how? ! Furthermore, along with famous piece "brave heart" ♪, it will go to WarGreymon to warp evolution ... ...!

Since it is delivering until 8/19 (Saturday) 12: 59 at here, please do not miss this opportunity! ! !

...... Wait for next time! ! !

  • Note 1:Target Nishizawa has served as the leader of "Digimon Ultimate Battle Team DUB - crew", and it seems that it is also becoming a Digimon called "Target Mon"!Digimon WebCheekera!
  • Note 2:Volcano Ota, responsible for the original Digimon. Target There is a story called Nishizawa's master!
  • Note 3:Mr. Kenji Watanabe, the main designer of the Digimon series which was unknown. It seems to be on business trip to Saudi Arabia for about 20 days in August!
  • Note 4:Complete Selection Animation series 1st. Digi-voice specializing in reproducing the evolution scene of Digimon with light and sound! ! !
  • Note 5:Mr. Shibata, a photographer belonging to a design office called Mizuno Productions. If it is item of TAMASHII NATIONS, SOUL OF CHOGOKIN and He was in charge of filming the METAL BUILD series. It seems that he is also in charge of the Digimon S.H.Figuarts series!
  • Note 6:Hiroyuki Kakudo, the series director of Digimon Adventure and 02. During the production of "DIGITAL MONSTER X-evolution", it seems that Target Nishizawa also went on a business trip to Hong Kong S.A.R!

▲ "Super Evolutionary Soul" Commercialization Commemoration Special Talk !! is here!
Digivolving Spirits

Picked to children once they were chosen -. In the early 2000s, pursuing the concept of reproducing the "evolution" of the monumental figure of the deformed figures, "Digimon Super Evolution Series (Digivolving Series)", which was a huge hit worldwide in "deformation" to the limit. Expressing "pretty" before evolution, "coolness" after evolution "goodness of proportion" with the latest technology and sharp modeling.
Partly die casting and plating are also used, and stereoscopically sticking to the texture of the material. It is this "super evolution spirit" series that aims at the ultimate adult Digimon modified figure.


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